About Hallmark

Hallmark makes the world a more caring place by helping people laugh, love, heal, say thanks, reach out and make meaningful connections with others.

Through moments big and small, and through both happy and challenging times, Hallmark helps give voice to caring thoughts and emotions with tangible reminders of appreciation, celebration, belonging and love.

Founded in 1910, Hallmark now has more than 30,000 retail stores across the U.S. and offers products in more than 30 languages available in 100 countries worldwide. Hallmark GCC was established in 1980, and began opening stores throughout the Gulf. Hallmark continues to stay close to people's needs, understanding what is universal in the human heart and meeting those needs with products and experiences that bring people together.

The Hallmark Brand

Hallmark is the world’s best-known greeting card brand. Our Keepsake Ornaments hang on countless Christmas trees. We create gifts and packages you can’t wait to unwrap.

It’s about you – who you are, who you love, who you laugh and cry with, your relationships.

The real power of Hallmark’s brand lies with people, all around the world, because what we create only matters when it is shared with someone else.  

Life is a Special Occasion

People often think of Hallmark as a company that helps you celebrate special people on special days. We’re honored that you associate us with holidays and big milestones in life.


Hallmark is also about celebrating all of those perfectly imperfect moments shared between the milestones. We’re about real life – not ideal life. We’re about spontaneous moments that can happen on holidays or any day.


At Hallmark, we believe Life is a Special Occasion. Life is busy. It can be a blur. It’s filled with bedtime, bath time, lunchtime, carpools, laundry and jobs. At times, we all feel that our lives are passing us by, that life’s special moments are being lost in the shuffle.


So we want to inspire you to push the “pause” button. To stop. Look around. Enjoy the funny, crazy, touching unplanned moments of life with the people you love.


Our goal is to provide the inspiration, ideas, products and services to help you pause, recognize, linger, and capture the meaningful moments you share with others. Hallmark wants to create the kinds of cool stuff we can all use to make our daily lives and relationships a little deeper, richer, and fuller.


There's no doubt about it, Life is a Special Occasion.